About Us

The Alberta Girls/Women’s Baseball Program
"Dedicated to developing and advancing baseball for female athletes of all levels and associations across the province."

The Alberta Girls/Women’s Program offers:
  • Participation in regular season baseball programs offered in their local home leagues (All leagues in Baseball Alberta and Little League Alberta are coed participation)
  • Player Development Camps and Girl’s Baseball Day events hosted throughout the province
  • High performance opportunities for players and coaches at the Mosquito Girls (10-11) Provincial Tournament
  • Talent ID Camps to identify and select high performance female athletes to represent the province on the Team Alberta Pee Wee (12-13), Bantam (14-16), Under 21 (16-21), and Senior Women (17+) teams at Western Regional and Baseball Canada National Championships
  • High performance opportunities for coaches at the various levels
  • Advocacy and mentoring for female athletes
  • Resources and support for players, coaches, umpires, and spectators of girls baseball

Female athletes from all baseball and softball backgrounds and organizations are eligible to participate.


The Alberta Girls’/Women’s Baseball Program is dedicated to developing and advancing baseball for female athletes at all levels. The program will be recognized for its endorsement of female participation and excellence in baseball, and for the provision of superior programs, resources, and instruction to foster success. It is the mission of the female program to teach and inspire female athletes through developmental experiences to be life-long learners and participants in the sport of baseball. The program is committed to the values of integrity, fairness, respect, and responsibility to prepare athletes for lives of success. The Alberta Girl’s/Women’s Baseball Program strives to create sustainable and exceptional programs for female athletes by targeting increased participation and athlete development at the grassroots level. Athletes can expect to receive the knowledge, skills, and values they need to achieve their full potential, and realize their worth as a member of a team and as an individual. Encouragement to be competitors and not just participants.


The Alberta Girls’/Women’s Baseball Program is a cooperative effort of Baseball Alberta and Little League Alberta.  Members of both organizations form a Provincial committee to further expand the opportunities for female participation in the sport of baseball in our province.

The Alberta Girls’/Women’s Program commits itself to providing superior programs for its athletes by developing goals, strategies, and specific tasks which:

  • Promote and encourage female participation and involvement in baseball as coaches, competitors, administrators and/or umpires.
  • Target increased participation and athlete development at the grassroots level.
  • Offer development camps to enhance the technical, tactical, emotional, physical, and psychological development of the athletes.
  • Maintain and improve the flow of female athletes into Team Alberta high performance programs, including athlete identification and development.
  • Set policy, procedure, and criteria for coaching staff selection.
  • Set policy for athlete recruitment, eligibility, and selection.